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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 18, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> hello. truck-by-truck, the last troops pulled out of iraq a few hours ago, officially ening the eight-year war in iraq. >> nato wrapped up its seven-year training mission in iraq with a ceremony in baghdad's green zone. >> this as u.s. troops pulled out of iraq. a few hours ago the troops were loaded up on planes and trucks and the final convoy rolled across the border into kuwait. >> in the end there was no peace treaty, no decisive battle. the war ended with a border crossing. the last to leave was 480 soldiers from the first cavalry division. they drove five hours through the desert, along the same road the u.s. used to invade. they crossed the border into
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kuwait just after dawn. the massive withdrawal from iraq was the military's largest movement since world war ii. the u.s. once had five and a half million pieces of equipment here, from heavy machinery to humvees. not al of it made it out. remnants are sold in a baghdad market or abandoned on the side of the road. >> at the height of the war there were these concrete barriers guarding u.s. bases. each one is worth $1,000. but today there are piles of these walls all over iraq. >> iraq was the bloodiest conflict since vietnam. 4500 americans died. 30,000 were wounded. despite the cost, today the army said the war was worth it. >> everything we have done, we have learned along the way, changed processes when the conditions changed, and had a lot of success. but i think it's incredibly important. >> for iraquis, the hayes --
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legacy of the war uncertain. 100,000 iraquis killed. >> i think the worst under saddam and the people will allow themselves to be dragged into that situation again. >> the coming days and months the americans say it's clear, they get to go home. iraq must shake off three decade of war and dictatorship before it can know its face. >> back home, the number of alameda affected by analameda apartment fire has grown. 18 families are homeless after their apartments were destride by the fire. >> even more are out of their homes at least for tonight. we're there live tonight with the latest. sergio? >> so far tonight the american red cross does not have a complete tally of all of the people who are displaced because of the fire tonight. i can tell you there are 18 papers that are destroyed, and
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as investigators assess the extent of the damage they have cut power and utilities to this building, so there are 63 units offlimits, 63 families that had to find where else to sleep tonight. this is video a aren't shared -- a resident shared of the fire. juan was able to save his laptop before running out of his room. he says the fire started in the apartment next door to his. >> the guy wanted his room to be a little warm while he was taking a shower. when he came back, his room was gone. >> rivera is in the ghost -- coast guard and said his command sethim up with housing, which will likely be home for a while because his residence was destroyed. he said all residents are required to have renter's insurance so he is covered and is happening this surprisingly
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well. >> what do you think? >> it happenes. old buildings no fire suppression system. >> his building has been red-flagged. the flames gutted sex -- six paramounts. five others are uninhabit able. residents of all 63 papers have managed to find someplace to stay for now. lines of residents patiently waited to etree a -- retrieve a few essentials. and crews on ladders rescued some residents trapped on upper floors. >> like a dream. said he knocked out the window with the ladder and took the dog, and guided me down the ladder. >> allen and his dog were among the few rescue. this is a picture of a firefighter rescuing another small dog. >> again tonight, all the residents of this building have managed to find accommodations for the evening but the american
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red cross tells me they are available should residents need any help in the next few days. they say if those residents do need help. they can call the american red cross crisis dispatch line. in 1-866-272-2237. i'm sergio, abc-7 news. >> three other san francisco families are looking for a home tonight. their apartment units were damaged after a fire broke out at 1:30 this afternoon on judith straight. the one alarm blaze was sparked by an electrical short. one person was treated for a leg injury. >> the principal of an east bay middle school is apologizing for a news alert that contained a racist cartoon. the newsletter was e-mail and someone has drawn a noose around the pea nuts character,. the school hays a subconstitute
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staff member put the photo in n. >> police say a map spiewcted of shooting a fellow hells angel member as a funeral has been spotted. he may be driving a gold 1995 or '96gmc yukon or older ayota toyota forerunner, he is accused of shooting steve at oak hill cemetery in san jose. it happened during the funeral for steve pettigrew. >> the state's oldest medical marijuana dispensary closed its doors under pressure from the federal government. the marin alliance for medical marijuana in fairfax posted a sign saying it would be closed as of 9:00 tonight. the dispensary is being targeted because it's too close to facilities used by children. one patient had this to say. >> it's absolutely nuts how govn federal government can bypass the local state law and do this
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to us and just take advantage of these people. they're providing medicine for sick people, and this will take care of them. >> why do you need it. >> i have chronic back pain and can't sleep at night. >> it's very dangerous right now. please, leave me alone and leave my people alone. >> the operator of the dispensary called the police on our news crew because we were, quote, endangering her life. the attorney for the dispensary's landlord says the operator is fighting the eviction in court. >> crews remain at the site of a sink hole in san pablo. it was caused by flooding that caused property damage. the sinkhole exposed an oil pipeline. the pipeline is being drained before repairs begin on the water line. >> the tv show myth busters had some explaining to do. a homemade cannon that launched
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a cannonball through a neighborhood last week was on display today. it happened on december 6th december 6th when the show was using the cannon at an experiment at the alameda training center. residents heard from local authorities and the show's producers. >> i understand people will be nervous. by reviewing our safety protocol again and by making sure we never see an experiment like this at this facility, i'm confident safety is. >> i'm not a thrilled they're using the facility so close to our houses and especially for experiments with the myth buster shows. >> the host of the myth buffs busters show gave away free t-shirts and autographed them and catered a free hamburger lunch for the residents. >> is victoria secret keeping a secret from its customers? a new controversy behind the
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making of its lingerie. >> items from michael jackson's last home on the auction block. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. much of the bay area seeing clear skies. it's going to get cold in the inland valley areas overnight, also, some very dense fog popping up. visibility inland, and take a look and see if we're going to see any rain here soon. that's coming0ú8t
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>> a new report raise serious questions about the possible
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link between child labor and victoria secret. the cotton fields are a longway from the runways of new york city but cotton used in victoria secret underwear come from african farms where children are doing backbreaking work. >> it was sadly so easy to fine and why thigh spoke about it, the farmers, because they really didn't know that they were doing anything wrong. >> victoria secret issued this statement. i our standards specifically prohibit child labor, we are engaging with stakeholers to investigate the matter. the company relies on international fair trade groups to make sure children aren't working in the field. >> the "occupy" movement is these months old. >> many camps have been dismantled, but some occupiers
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vow they are here to stay. >> this is where it began, new york estimate today hundreds of "occupy wall street" protesters attempted to occupy a park owned by trinity church. the occupation was a celebration of the three-month anniversary of the movement and call for solidarity and reoccupation from all "occupy" camps nationwide. the occupation here was short-lived. police removed the camp and arrested 40 people. >> today we're standing in solidarity with them. >> "occupy wall street"'s call for national reoccupy in all the cities where the camps was dismantled was heard here in san jose. they set up several tents they later took down. >> it's been a month since the local pd took away our encampment. same story nationwide, now we're back today and having a general assembly right now to discuss further action. >> "occupy" encampments have been dismantled by cities fed up with trash, vandalism andence. la violence.
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last month the "occupy" oakland camp was taken down for a second time after a violent first eviction. one man was shot to death near the camp which was the last straw for the city in san francisco the camp was taken down after negotiations broke down between occupy expowp the -- between "occupy" and the mayor. "occupy" sf set up ten tents in the shadow of embarcadero one. here protesters vowed they're here to stay. >> we're not going anywhere. they may come and steal our tents and take away the houses of people that live on the street, but we are here and we're going to keep fighting. >> tonight, san francisco occupation was basically symbolic and well mannered. since the park closes at 8:00 p.m. occupiers took down their tents in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> well, tonight members of the house are getting set to vote on a senate approved payroll tax cut extension. the senate passed the extension along with a huge spending bill
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to keep government offices open through next september. the tax cut will last only two months and will also extend jobless benefits and paints president obama into a corner. a provision in the bill says he must either issue a permit for a 1700-mile oil pipeline or declare it's not in the national interests. >> the economy still struggles to pull out of the worst rescission since the great depression. can anything be done to fix and it are the solutions among us? abc-7's dan ashley hosts a special half hour on the economy. keley today, th berkeley today,e and fire departments held their annual toys for tots giveaway. registered families lined up to get first crack the gift and toys. the police and fire department were distribution centers for the toys. an estimated 1,000 families were helped this year by the berkeley fire and police departments toys for tots campaign. >> organizers are still short of
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hundreds of toys for one of the biggest holiday giveaways in silicon valley. volunteers are trying to fill a wish list for 9,000 children at the holiday party. demand has almost doubled this year and for some children it will be their only holiday gift. if you want to help out, drop off a toy at santa clara valley labor center in san jose. >> leigh is here to talk about the forecast. >> leigh: and it does not include any rain. so getting a little below normal when where we should be this time of year. but hopefully the next day, week or so, we should see storm clouds return. tonight it's very dense fog. north, east bay locations, ruinged visibility. this is from the suit -- sutro cam. you can see nice visibility there. in the north bay, santa rosa, nap passion fairfield, reduced visibility because of the fog. only three miles for fairfield.
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concord, seven mimes, and ten miles at sfo airport and the coastline. right now 36 in napa. 52 in san francisco. 44 in antioch. it is 42 degrees right now and clear sky in fremont. and san jose reporting clear skies, 45 degrees. here's a look at the highlights for the next few days. we'll go with patchy frost, especially in the north bay locations where temperatures get very close to the freezing mark. also some pockets of dense valley fog overnight. tomorrow by the way is a "spare the air" day. and is a mentioned no rain in our seven-day forecast as this ridge of high pressure stays put for us, bringing us dry weather condition for the next five to seven days. overnight, temperatures, chilly in the north bay. napa, 28. 30 for santa rosa. 46 for san francisco. interior east bay, livermore, 32, and 38 for san jose. high pressure blocking high will
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be with us the next five to seven days. keeping the storm track the north of us where we have been seeing some rain is here in southern california. an area of low pressure spinning off the coast there, bringing those folks a dousing today. live doppler 7hd picking up shower activity towards backestfield, san diego is dryi little bit. and all of this will push towards the east so los angeles will dry out a little bit tomorrow afternoon. so temperatures will rebound nicely. 65 expected there. 55, fresno. watch out for dense valley fog tomorrow morning through the central valley, and 46 expected with sunshine in tahoe. here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. pockets of morning dense fog followed by afternoon sunshine. we look for 59 for half moon bay. afternoon sun, palo alto, redwood city, 61. san hazyernoon hazy suns. 58. north bay, that's where the fog
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will be the thickest tomorrow morning with novato, 59, after the fog lifts tomorrow afternoon. 58 for sonoma. oakland as well as san leandro, union city on the east bay shores, temperatures there in the mid-to-upper 50s. interior east bay, brentwood, antioch, pittsburg, dealing with dense morning fog and partial afternoon clearing, concord, 58. and 64, quite mild insuring watsonville. the accuweather seven-day forecast. offshore winds pick up monday and tuesday morning so that gets the fog out of here and warms us up a little bit. winter arrives 9:30 wednesday evening. >> let's get to shu. the -- classic -- >> mike: nice to see nba action. mark jackson and the warriors off to a good start to handle their neighbor to the north, sacramento. what stuck out?
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>> mike: mark jackson promised a hard-nosed team that actually plays defense. he is undefeated. coaching his first game at oracle. first quarter, thompson, the floater and the foul. warriors passing looks phenomenal. michigan -- starters, also saw plenty of time. monte ellis had 18. on the other side, jimmer fred yet. he had 21. the war outside led by 19 at the half. seth curry, the bullet to michigan -- maguire. warriors roll, 107-96. >> i know a lot of guys that can do it one night. i want them to sustain it. and i thought the second half he took his foot off the gas pedal
2:25 am
and let them off the hook. the great ones go for the jugular. >> coach not happy. what a day for cal's jennifer brandon. the feed. boyd keeps on dishing. great look to caldwell inside. cal trailed by 14 with 5-1/2 minutes to play. bears make a huge ron. brandon with one of her career high and school record 24. ohio state hangs on and remains undefeatedoop snoop -- standford women defeat prince tom. and stanford men 79-1 after a 20rb point win over san diego. >> we'll take a brief time-out and hit the ice. the sharks against edmonton. we go puck hunting as we continue.
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>> mike: the sharks still looking for their first stanley cup but won their second straight tonight. oilers and sharks getting close and personal. sharks for a two on none. great goal. sharks up 1-0. but edmonton answers. jordan, great move, beating antineimi. oilers up in the second. pavelski, to thornton, it's 2-2. stays that way until the third.. sharks are 2-2, good on to win that one 3-2 your final. >> if you're talking high school football championships, de la salle is in the picture. they face cal'southern cal's wet lake at the home depot center in the open digs. the spartans looking for their 11th straight win.
2:30 am
first drive of the game, vitali. could drive a truck through the hole. now fourth and ten. hutchings has a clear pass. 21-0 de la salle. defense wins championships. i get one cliche a night. what an interception by williams. and de la salle do it again, spartans win the state bowl championship. look at that score. 35-0. >> division iii state championship game at fresno. campo lindo faring washington. look at this catch. 7 or panthers. campo, campo, trailed 14-3 in the first. steve vans. cuts to the inside. can't bring him down. 37-yard catch and run. campos down some-10 but get no closer.
2:31 am
washington union wins that division title, 21, 16 the final. >> saturday nigh final. the nfl. cowboys and bucs. life is rough in tampa. tony romo making it worse. runs into his own offensive linemen. miles us a sten, 7-0 cowboys. romo and company in the red zone, dez bryant, easy money. romo, three t.d. basses, another on the ground. cowboys beat the bucs 31-15. >> and that was your toyota sports report, coming up later, ward and a 16-year-old dominates on the lpga tour. stick around. i know you don't have a choice. >> it's supersaturday. the deals and the big hearts of shoppers across the nation. >> the best deals on credit cards that will help you out in the new year.
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>> good evening. >> in tonight's head lps, san jose police say the hells -- actually, let's go to this story instead. an apartment complex has been gutted. 63 iewppedz are offlimits. all of the people have found lodging. >> utility crews are draping an oil pipeline in san bab pablo to repair some busted water mains. >> san jose police say a hells angel wanted in connection with they shooting at a funeral for
2:36 am
the club president has been spotted in the city. steve ruiz is said to be armed and dangerous and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. >> million of americans are taking advantage of what is called supersaturday. >> how deep are those last-minute deals they're offering in their effort to turn around their books? here's the story. >> reporter: just take a look at these smiling shoppers. >> 20% off. >> yes, amazing. >> reporter: they sound like they hit the lottery. >> told me the price was half so got an extra one. wonderful. >> reporter: welcome to supersaturday. the last saturday before christmas. only this year that's christmas eve. that's why self national chains, including the gap, macy's and j. c. penney are celebrating supersaturday a week earl. >> we're seeing stores do what they did on black friday, mark down goods in the stores in order to drive traffic and move out the products.
2:37 am
>> across herald square, stores are helding out until the 4th 4th to showcase their savings but she didn't want to done. >> i would be afraid i couldn't find what wanted. >> retailers hoping to make up for a slow solo two weeks are pulling out the stops. the low is price for toys and bikes at wal-mart, and series is giving away diamond earrings when you buy $100 or more of jewelry and 60% off toys, coats and luggage at j.c. penney. at this k-mart in indianapolis, something even better than deep disowntz. an anonymous stranger paying off layaways. >> i went to pay my million balance. she said i'm going to pay it for you. i said what can we do for you? she said the only thing you can do for me is to give back.
2:38 am
>> these secret santas have been popping up all over the country. an incredible act of kindness in tough times. >> today was free parking day in oakland, and next saturday is free, too. the goal is to encourage visitors to buy local. the offer is good at all parking meters between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. next saturday. >> are you giving your credit cards a workout this holiday season and are you getting points for mile? >> michael finney says the key is finding the best card that fits your lifestyle. >> when the credit card act of 2009 went into effect, many in the banking industry said we see fewer credit card offers and those still available would be less generous. >> completely ridiculous. banks make money by lending money. so they want to put credit products in people's hands. they just want to get the right products out in the right time, in the right way.
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so cards are out there and credit is out there. it's here to say. >> so how do you cash in? sayre race with credit card we're talk neglect cards high on her rest. >> a really nice capital one card where you have zero% apr on balance transfers and purchases until february 2013. which is amazing. you have to have great credit to get it. >> she likes the chase saphire card for points. >> if you spend 3,000 does, it translates into $625 worth of travel benefits. that's amazing. >> fabulous bonus. you can get either perhaps even up to two airline tickets. >> that's beverly, and she likes the chase saphire card, too. beverly is a credit card expert for
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she created the best credit cards in america series, and recently ranked the point cards. >> capital one reward came in first runner up and i like their pr program because it's very generous, miles for dollars and it's very easy to redeem and to figure out how to work it. >> beverly says the deals come to you. >> people are still hurting but some are starting to bounce back. credit scores are starting to come up and they're reaching out to consumers. they want to get back. >> now, a card i think everyone should consider is the southwest airlines card. it's now offering more than $800 worth of flights for new signups. go to to check this out. i'm michael finney, seven on your side. >> as we close in on the end of the year, it's time to look back at 2011. the killing of osama bin laden was the top news story of 2011,
2:41 am
according to the annual poll of editors and news directors by the soap. so. the death of by by got more than half the vot the for the ten ten stories. japan's earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown was they could, followed bill the arab spring, financial turmoil in europe was fourth. >> hanging out with some of america's top chefs. chef turned judge, hugh atkinson, talks about his favorite spots in the bay a >> a salva >> a salvation army bell ringer standing solid all for a good cause. >> we have a lot of dense fog in the north bay right now. we're going to see more of that start to move in across the entire bay area by tomorrow morning. we'll check out the highs for tomorrow afternoon and look ahead to see if there's any rain in the coming days. 0ú8t
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>> auction officials say the content office michael jackson home brought in nearly triple their estimate. the house where jack extinct his three children lived before his death two years ago. among the highlights, the rug under the bed where jackson died fetched over $15,000. the estimate was $400. and an armoire where jackson wrote a message to himself on the mirror brought in $18,000. >> hugh is a celebrity chef who is a judge on the wildly popular reality show top chef.
2:45 am
>> he talked to lizzy and told her about the places he enjoyed while he was in san francisco. >> you get to hang out with pat and tom. >> gail -- >> tom, nice guy? >> a great guy. a very serious man. >> he is. >> a lot going on. i can talk to people like that for days because he is such -- in my industry, such a success. it's funny, such a talented chef and fun to be around. >> then i know every guy wants to know, padma. i ask, is she a gorgeous as she looks? >> she is hot. >> doggone it, she is. is there anything wrong with -- >> not really. >> probably really nice, too. >> really nice, a really cute kid. the whole deal. >> the whole deal. >> the whole deal. a franchise, that one. >> we're talking, you're going to be on what's happening live in the new year. >> i will. january 11th on bravo, with >> we were laughing because andy
2:46 am
has been here several times and he has referenced you and actually given you a model -- i'm going through -- >> i think he picked up -- that's okay with me. i'm okay with that. >> somebody actually on facebook said, see if you can get hue to do a little manscaping there. >> this is going to happen for charity but got to be for charity. we're raising money for wholesome wave, and if somebody gives them $100,000, we'll pluck our eye brows on tv. >> or last meal, who would cook for you? >> am i about to be murdered? >> put it in context. how am i about to die? >> that's a whole nuther show. it's a painless death. >> i don't know. standing rib roast and yorkshire
2:47 am
pudding. you can take a boy out of native canada but i still want that type of food at the end of the day, and at the end of the big day, as long as i'm going off in a pleasant way, that would be good. >> do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to food? >> not really. >> opened up your refrigerator and saw -- >> i'll be a big fan of n and -- inand out burgers, chick-fil-a. >> any aplace you like -- >> i went to a new restaurant last night called aq. it was awesome. >> i haven't been there yet. who you? >> going -- withmy wonderful friend tracy and we're going to have great time. this my is my old stomping grou. >> let's check in with leigh and the forecast. >> not too bad. we're going to keep it dry. really the next five to seven
2:48 am
days. but tonight and early morning, look out for pockets of dense fog in the north and east bay valleys, and tomorrow is a "spare the air" day. so no burping. highs tomorrow, similar to tonight. santa rosa, 60. 58 for san francisco. oakland, afternoon sunshine, 59. and livermore and antioch, wind that falls will determine your afternoon high. we'll go with 56 degrees for tomorrow. 59 for livermore. concord, 58. if you want mild weather, head south. 65 for gilroy. salinas, today was 69 degrees. cool them off a little bit tomorrow. 64, and monterey, afternoon sunshine, 62 degrees. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. offshore winds pick up a bit as we head into monday afternoon, monday night and tuesday morning. that will actually help the toe
2:49 am
scour out the valley fog. winter arrives wednesday evening, and then thursday, friday, and even christmas eve, going to be dry but mile temperatures. >> a salvation army bell ringer has broken the record for bell ringing, of course. bud soriano did that for 1551 hours, 10 minutes and 25 seconds. he started on thursday in union square but broke the previous record of 36 hours but he didn't set a new one. there are five winners around the country who lasted a little bit longer. >> ounce the few asian guys i know named butch. >> take it. >> i got to follow that? >> mike: very good. the kid out of oakland, andre ward, another title belt in atlantic city and improves to
2:50 am
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2:51 am
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>> mike: mark jackson promised a hard-nosed team that will handle defense. jackson coaching his first game oracle. thompson, the floater and the foul. he had nine. warriors passing was phenomenal. ute to for the jam.
2:53 am
starters saw some action. fredette, making his debut, he had 21. the warriors by 19 in the half. seth currie, -- curry. ellis to curry on the break. seth, the foul. warriors roll 107-96. >> i know a lot of guys that can do it one night. i want them to sustain it. and in the second half he took his foot off the gas pedal and let them off the hook. >> cal bears hosting ohio state. what a day for jennifer brandon, led the bears with 24 points. gets better. boyd, this time to caldwell inside. cal trailed by 14 with 5:00 to play. bears made a huge ron. brandon had a career high 24
2:54 am
rebounds and the putback but ohio state hangs on to win it by two. the buckeyes remain undefeated. across the bay, stanford women defeat princeton. sisters combined for 43 points. for the men, 20 points over san diego. now 9-1. >> the sharks have not been playing up to their expectations of late. and that turned the corner, winning their second straight tonight. oilers and sharks getting close up and personal. have -- great goal. edmonton answers. jordan, great move to get to the net. game tied. oilers up 2-1. watch the gate -- great patting by the sharks. pavelski behind the cage. seize patrick marlowe. sharks are 2-2, winning it 3-2.
2:55 am
>> if you're talking high school football championships, de la salle is in the picture. they faced west lake. the spartans looking for their 11-inch straight win. first round of the game. visit tall lay. 37-yard romp. 7 or spartan inside the first. to the second, fourth and ten. houston to hutchings. watch hutchings go. on defense, interception by williams. making a huge play in the end zone. de la salle does it again. all they do is win games. won the state bowl championship 35-0. division iii state championship in th fresno. the surprise of the season, campo lindo, facing washington union. look at this catch. 7 or panthers. campo trailed in the third. stevens to fiat. in. out.
2:56 am
breaking tackles. 37 yards. campo down 14-10 and get no closer. washington union wins the state title, 21-16. >> saturday night football. nfl action. tough to be a buc fan. romo making it worse. a dart to miles austin for the touchdown. 7-0 cowboys in the first. romo and company in the red sewn, this time to dez bryant. three t.d. passes for romo. cowboys beat the bucs 31-15. >> andre ward must be getting tired of opponents saying he done have game, soft, no knockout punch. carl frost, andre beat him down. frost never stood a channels ward used the jab to set up his left hook most of the night, beat frost in a unanimous division. adds a wbc belt to his title. 13 knockouts. the finish dubai.
2:57 am
what a performance by lexi thompson. chip in for birdie on nine. birdie is five of her last 10, and the 16-year-old, already the young e to win an lpga event, the youngest to win a dubai lady's matches. raiders and lions tomorrow at the coliseum. highlights at 5:00. >> andre ward -- unbelievable. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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